a film by Dustin Rees

produced by Saskia von Virág

animation Dustin Rees, Yael Schärer, Jonathan Wüst

story consulting Rachel Schmid

editing consulting Fee Liechti Seigner,  Rolf Lang

additional shadowing Géraldine Cammisar

additional colouring Jolanda Oswald

additional compositing Stefan Holaus

sign designs Barney Rees

mastering & dcp Redspace – Rolf Lang, Dominique Gasche

music Olav Lervik

sound design & mix Noisy Neighbours – Loïk Kreyden, Thomas Gassmann

foley Dieter Hebben

mastering Magnetix – Guido Keller 

production Virage Film

in co-production with SRF Swiss Radio and Television – Gabriela Bloch Steinmann